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Food + Clay = Awesome!


I’ve been making food charms for necklaces and earrings out of polymer clay for about a year or two now. Knowing me and my. . . .  unnatural obsession for food I knew I had to mix the two passions together. After much thought I have decided to make a new blog, Crazy For Clay. There I will post about different clay tutorials and frequently show some of my own work. I will be available for requests and custom designs too. Don’t worry though, I will still be updating this blog. 🙂 Hope you guys check it out and enjoy it!

❤ Gaby


Which Fringe Character Are You?


Ok, so this has nothing what so ever to do with food, but I took a quiz that figured which Fringe character are you and I got . . . . *Drum roll please*


Olivia Dunham! She’s my favorite character! Please comment down below if you’ve seen Fringe and which character you think you’re most like. Anyway, hope you guys have a great week! 


Are You Hungry?


The books have been bestsellers and the movie that just came out grossed $253,006,396 in just 11 days! (Thanks for the stats.) The wonderful people at have come out with astonishingly creative Hunger Games cupcakes and cakes. Here are some of them:

Cupcakes On Fire:



Hunger Games Trilogy Cake: 


Thanks to Fictional Food for these pictures and hope you guys have a great Easter! 🙂

Unicorn Meat?!



Yes, the nerds at Think say this is actually unicorn meat. Now what idiot would believe that?! You would be surprised how many people would. 😛


There’s actually a plush of a dead unicorn inside of the can, kind of gruesome looking actually. Darn it! I was planning to make some sort of stew from that meat! 😉 Anyways, hope you guys have a great weekend! Be sure to comment! You can buy the can here:

Vanilla Bean and Nutmeg Rice Pudding


Grab a cup of rice. I love jasmine.

Then get some milk, cream, fresh nutmeg, sugar, and a vanilla bean.

Split the vanilla bean with a knife and scrape out the seeds.

In a medium saucepan, bring the milk, cream, rice and the sugar to a light simmer.

Then add the vanilla bean seed scrapings.

Then grate that nutmeg all in it.

Keeping it on a light to medium simmer, stir the mixture until the rice becomes so creamy that you lose all motor skills just gazing at it. This lasts about 20 minutes.


Thanks to bevcooks on Taste for Adventure for the recipe. Hope you guys have a great week! 🙂

Chocolate Dalek!


Chocolate Dalek


  • Two 8 inch chocolate sandwich cakes (recipe here)
  • Two Chocolate swiss rolls
  • McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes
  • At least 400g of milk chocolate. (buy more, you can never have too much chocolate)
  • 100g bar of plain chocolate
  • 100g bar of white chocolate (you won’t need the full 100g, but hey..)
  • Cadbury Flake*
  • Cadbury Chocolate Fingers*
  • Cadbury chocolate buttons*
  • Smarties*
  • Large box Maltesers

* You will require only a few of each of the above. I bought multi-packs, just in case.


Melt the chocolate in a dish over a pan of simmering water (take care kids!)

Cut about 1inch from around one of the chocolate cakes. Try to hold the knife at an angle so that the cake tapers, getting thinner toward the the top.

Now, stick the smaller cake on to the top of the uncut one. Anticipating a large and heavy cake I erred on the side of caution and used a large dollop of the melted chocolate to sandwich these together.

Cut one of the chocolate swiss rolls in half. Do the same with second swiss roll, and using just one of the halves, cut it in half length ways. Stick these four pieces together using melted chocolate

Place the swiss rolls on top of the cake using, yes you’ve guessed it, melted chocolate, place a single piece of swiss roll on top of this and then start to cover the entire cake in melted chocolate. If you have the time, do this in layers, allowing one layer of melted chocolate to set before adding the next, and the next… I didn’t have the time so I poured the entire ½ thick chocolate on in one go. This proved rather frustrating as it continually gloops to the base.

efore the chocolate sets completely (I was slightly insane by this point) start decorating the cake to give it it’s Dalek features.

Place Maltesers in columns on the bottom half of the cake to form the skirt. Do Daleks wear skirts?

Use half a Cadbury Flake and chocolate fingers to make the sticky-out-bits, and put a chocolate button on the ends (using the good ol’ tried ‘n’ tested melted chocolate method)

Stack three Jaffa Cakes on top of the cake, followed by two stacks of three chocolate buttons. Add a Smartie to the top of the buttons.

Place a band of white chocolate squares around the neck. You could of course pipe some melted white chocolate to create a similar effect but time was running out for me; birthday boy was about to come home from school and there I was, covered in chocolate and I hadn’t even started on the proper party food yet.

Using melted plain chocolate, pipe details around the Dalek; stripes down the Jaffacakes, and lines between the Malteser columns for eg. I made an effort to do this, but I know you can do better.

Leave to set in a cool place, then…

Exterminate!… exterminate!…

A big thanks to the Chocablog for this recipe! Hope you guys have a great week! 🙂

– Gaby