American Pie Fest!


On April 10th I went to the American Pie Fest in Celebration, Florida. They had booths, food, and a never- ending buffet! There were many tents set up with different pie companies. Such as: Publix, Rocky Mountain Pie Company, and many others. Crisco was there to sponsor and give away some free cooking supplies. They also had a cooking competition with a oven as the prize! All of the pies I tried were delicious, but there were a few that caught my eye:

Chocolate dipped Key lime Pie – Amazing! Everybody was rushing to get one!

Peach Raspberry Pie – Tart & sweet at the same time, a sourly sweet treat!

Peanut butter Pie – A thick, rich, creamy taste. Not too heavy, not to light.

Raisin Medley – The best by far! I actually don’t like raisins and I was surprised at the taste and consistency! I found out that the company that makes it has their own raisins grown from California. They also said they put Saltine crackers and Maple syrup in the crust! Who knew crackers and pie could taste so good? I was amazed at it’s taste! Amazing work!


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